Who we are

We are a group of engineers brought together by shared interests, where the central one is building tools that make life easier for a mobile developer.

Each of us, first of all, is a dedicated mobile developer with many years of unique technical (and not only technical) experience.

Photo of Dmitry Voronin

Dmitry Voronin

Android Engineer

With Avito since 2014, has been working on CI/CD in Android since 2016.

Photo of Eugene Matsyuk

Eugene Matsyuk

Software Expert at Kaspersky, Google Developer Expert

Stands up at 5 every morning to works hard on development. Author of popular posts and presentations on development in Android, organizer of meetups, workshops, and academies. Author of the architecture CookBook. One of the authors of the Kaspresso framework. Believes that autotests are the future and the promised land.

Photo of Daniil Popov

Daniil Popov

Android Engineer

Has been doing Android development since 2012. Currently working on the infrastructure of the Android project at Avito. Came here from Mail.ru and mobile development teaching at Technopark.

Photo of Egor Kurnikov

Egor Kurnikov

Android Engineer

Has been doing Android development since 2016. Formerly, Android engineer at Yandex, Kaspresky, Sberbank. One of the developers of the Kaspresso framework.

Photo of Evgeny Krivobokov

Evgeny Krivobokov

Android Engineer

Got into Android development back in 2013. Two years later he joined Avito. Gradually, he got more and more focused on platform development. Evegeny helped other engineers with common tools, app assembly. Since 2018, he has been working on testing and CI tools.

Photo of Ruslan Mingaliev

Ruslan Mingaliev

Android Engineer

Has been developing apps for Android since 2013. Formerly, senior software engineer at Kaspersky. One of the authors of the Kaspresso framework, contributor to Avito Android Open Source.

Photo of Sergey Boishtyan

Sergey Boishtyan

Software Engineer

At Avito, works in a team responsible for CI infrastructure for Android apps. Writes Gradle plugins and a testing framework.